Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Whales and wallabies

Yesterday we got the bus to Byron Bay, and spent the afternoon walking to the lighthouse on the top of the cliffs.

Byron Bay is such a lovely place and has such a cool, laid-back surfer vibe. The town is a lot smaller than Sydney but has lots of quaint shops and restaurants to eat at, as well as the beach and water activities to take part in.

The lighthouse walk was stunning, and we got to see some whales and a wallaby!!! It was actually my birthday yesterday, and I think it will be one to remember because of that :)

Today we had a surfing lesson with Mojo surf company, and it was so much fun. I managed to stand up a couple of times before the end of the lesson before promptly falling off my board, but I really enjoyed catching a wave whilst lying down anyway! I think I swallowed half of my body weight in water and did not look attractive in a wetsuit, but I still had a really fun time and would definitely try it again.

I think I'd suit the chilled surfer lifestyle, but maybe without the surfing...

Hannah x

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  1. Happy belated birthday! I tried surfing while in Cape Town but I really wish I'd actually got some lessons, rather than relied on friends to instruct me! I only managed to stand up once in about two hours, although I did hear that the waves were rubbish that day haha.
    Jennifer x
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