Sunday, 7 August 2016

Goodbye Australia, hello Bali

After 3 incredible weeks travelling the east coast of Australia, I am feeling incredibly sad to be leaving this evening. Australia is an amazing country and I definitely want to visit again some day.

However it's now onwards and upwards to Bali! I have never been to Asia before so it will definitely be a new experience for me, and I'm travelling there on my own so I'm hoping to have a few amazing days with some great new people.

Today has been spent wandering around Cairns, eating, and saying goodbye to the girls I've been travelling with. It will be so strange not being with them after waking up next to them every day for the past 6 weeks! I will really miss them as we've had such a good time while we've been away together.

Keep coming back for updates on Bali (WiFi permitting)!

Hannah x

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  1. Bali is such a wonderful place, such aculture shock after the UK and Aus though but you soon get used to it. Have a lovely time, looking forward to seeing what you get up too!