Friday, 26 August 2016

Sunshine and pizza

Orange Bardot Dress - New Look

 Today has mainly been spent reading and napping around the pool, as the weather has been so hot. This evening we went to a pizzeria for dinner, which is where I wore this dress. Food is very important to my family and I while we are on holiday - most days my dad will cook us an amazing dinner such as fish or pasta, but sometimes we also go out for a meal in the evenings. I think meals are very sociable, and it is precious time that I get to spend with my family.

I got this dress before I went travelling, and have worn it numerous times since. It is very flattering, especially if you're a bit curvier like me, but also has plenty of room for a good food baby. My food baby was perhaps about 3 months old after all of the pizza I consumed this evening.

Hannah x

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  1. You look incredible, Hannah! Loving the red on you, such a nice dress!

    Steph, xo