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The Amalfi coast

This post is a kind of amalgamation of 2 days, where both of which we visited the Amalfi Coast. The Amalfi Coast is a 50km beautiful stretch of coastline that is popular with tourists for very obvious reasons - the gorgeous little towns along it, and the breathtaking views from the cliffs above. You literally can't escape views of the ocean in this area of Italy.

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We are currently staying fairly close to Sorrento, with a view over the Amalfi Coast, so we knew how beautiful it is. However we didn't know what to expect of the coastal road - one long winding road that stretches from Sorrento to Salerno, with amazing views over various towns and the ocean. Just driving it without stopping is an experience itself - it very much reminds me of The Italian Job.

The first place we wanted to visit was Positano - a colourful town on the cliffs overlooking a harbour. However, as we drove through it became clear that we wouldn't be able to park, so we drove on to Amalfi instead - hopefully we will be able to visit Positano another day as it looks gorgeous.

Amalfi is pictured in the first lot of photos, and I loved it there. Again, it was very busy - but wasn't at all touristy in a tacky way. The only touristy things that I noticed were the sheer amount of people, and the fact that most of the restaurant and shop owners spoke English as well as Italian. Amalfi is definitely worth a visit, as it has lots of little streets to wander around, as well as the harbour at the front of the town.

The first place we visited today was Salerno, which is right at the other end of the coast - but it can be accessed by a motorway from the Pompeii area, so the coastal road doesn't have to be used. I wasn't that impressed by Salerno; it seemed like a normal big city to me, with lots of shops but not that much else to see.

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After a quick walk around Salerno, we jumped back in the car and drove to Vietri Sul Mare, a small town not too far away. The first thing that struck us in Vietri was that there were a lot of ceramics there! Every other shop sold pattered ceramics - you could deck your whole house out, as they sold everything from plant pots to lamp shades. Apparently Vietri is the place that supplies the Amalfi coastal region with ceramics such as dishes, pots and tiles. Definitely the place to go if you like ceramics, but there wasn't much else there.

Our next stop was Ravello, a town that is slightly further along the Amalfi Coast. Ravello was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1996, and I think it is my favourite place that we have visited in this region so far. It has a large main square with views over the ocean, with lots of little cafes and shops dotted about. The winding streets have lots of interesting shops along them, and every few metres you come across another breathtaking view - I became a bit blasé after the first few. Most of the buildings are made out of a beautiful white stone, except for the churches and cathedrals - which I think there are about 3 of.

If you are visiting the Amalfi Coast my must-see towns would be Amalfi, Positano and Ravello. You can catch a bus along the coastal road, which means that you can see the amazing views without driving - but having a car gives you much more freedom. I would recommend visiting places like Positano earlier on in the day though, to make sure that you get a parking space!

I think the Amalfi Coast is my favourite region that we have visited in Italy. Everywhere is just so beautiful and photogenic - I can see why it is so popular to holiday here.

Hannah x

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