Thursday, 1 September 2016

Hello 5th year

I'm a 5th year medical student. And I started my first day in hospital today.

It still hasn't quite sunk in that I'm going to be a doctor, but when I heard that I had to apply for jobs by the middle of October this year, and our teachers started telling us the roles we should have on the wards, similar to those of junior doctors, it all seemed much more real.

In 5th year we spend most of our time on the wards and in the community shadowing junior doctors, where we basically learn what we will be doing when we start our job as a doctor. We start to have real responsibility for patients, and learn how to prescribe and treat during our placements.

5th year has kind of snuck up on me - I still remember my first day at university as if it was only a few months ago. I was a scared 19 year old entering a big medical building, trying to make friends and understand what we actually needed to learn. The sheer volume of knowledge we had to remember seemed overwhelming. I also still remember my first patient, who I met in 2nd year. She was a little elderly lady with dementia, and didn't understand half of the things I asked her about - but still chatted away to me happily.

I now must have chatted to hundreds of patients, and I can't believe how quickly 4 years has gone. In first year, 5th years seemed untouchable. They were the fountain of all knowledge. The best teachers and healers. And now I'm sat here wondering how I'm ever going to make it as a doctor, and trying to rack my brain to see if I can actually remember anything I've learnt over the past 4 years.

I actually properly start my placements on Monday, which is exciting, to be honest. This time in a year I will (hopefully) finally be a proper doctor!
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  1. Fifth year is really when it all starts to get exciting! (And terrifying. I won't lie!) Medical school flew by for me too, but fifth year has definitely been the most useful one in terms of being able to do the job now. Make the most of it, learn how to do the admin side of the job and get a feel for how wards actually run - but most importantly make the most of it being your last year of uni and have a fun time!!
    Jennifer x
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