Thursday, 22 September 2016

Lush Spa Liverpool Event

Tonight I was invited to go to Lush in Liverpool for a blogging event, and I was really excited beforehand as I love Lush's products and how natural they are.

When I arrived we were offered a whole array of food and drinks and were welcomed by the staff of Lush. I met up with Aisling and Beth, as well as Katy, Sammy and Danielle. It was lovely to see some of my blogger friends again, as I haven't seen them since before summer!

We were given some little pots to put samples in, so wandered around the shop picking out things that we wanted to try. I mainly picked up loads of face masks, as I have heard good things about them but have never actually got round to trying any of them out.

There were also various demonstrations going on around the shop. Some of us got the chance to make The Comforter Bubble Bar, which was a very messy, yet fun, process!

We also of course got introduced to the Halloween range, which will be in all Lush stores from tomorrow. These pumpkin bubble bars are absolutely gorgeous - we actually got given one in a goody bag which I was very pleased about, and will be testing it out soon.

Lush Halloween 2016

I also fell in love with these little ghost bath melts - and they are called 'Boo' which I think is the cutest thing ever. Just look at their little faces!

Lush Halloween 2016
Lush Halloween 2016

The Autumn Leaf bath bomb makes beautiful colours when it is added to water - it isn't my favourite smell ever, but I think the way it looks makes up for it!

We also had a look around the Lush Spa, which is situated above the shop in Liverpool. It is decorated to look like a countryside retreat, which I think is really lovely, and it has a really relaxing vibe to it. Some of the treatments sound absolutely amazing - they do anything from facials to 3 hour massages plus palm readings. Their treatments are completely different to any others that I have heard from in general spas, and they use all of Lush's own products. You can find more about all of their spa treatments here - I would love to try the Validation Facial or 3 hour long The Planets treatment!

I would like to thank Lush Liverpool for having me; I had such a nice evening and it was great to try out some of the products. I'm actually currently sat here writing this post with a Brazened Honey face mask on, which smells gorgeous and feels amazing on my skin. Hopefully I'll look more attractive once I've taken the mask off...
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