Monday, 24 October 2016

Caernarfon Castle

Embroidered Skirt - New Look
T-Shirt - Primark
Pink Cord Jacket - Asos
Bow Choker Necklace - Primark
Shoes - New Look (Old)

This was the outfit that I wore yesterday for another family day out in Wales. I am loving all of the embroidered clothes that are on the high street at the moment, and snapped this skirt up when it came back in stock in my size. I'm also wearing my pink cord jacket again - like I said, it goes with so many different outfits!

Yesterday morning we visited Caernarfon Castle to have a wander around. We had heard that the poppies representing the World Wars were at the castle, in the form of the Weeping Window sculpture, so that was one reason that we really wanted to visit.

The poppies were absolutely beautiful and quite a moving sight, as it literally looked as though the castle was crying or bleeding from a distance. Caernarfon is a huge castle and the poppies could be seen from every single tower.

I actually got a bit bored of walking up and down stairs after a while, as there are so many at Caernarfon Castle. I decided halfway through that I like the idea of living at the top of a tower, but I definitely couldn't as I'm too lazy (unless they installed a lift).

Caernarfon also had an area where you could put a cross into the ground in memory of someone, which was lovely. I would definitely recommend a visit while the poppies are still there if you get the chance (the poppies are on display until 20th November).

Afterwards we had a wander around the town itself, which has lots of little shops and alleyways to explore, before going for Sunday dinner at a pub in Bangor. Stuffed and happy, I headed back to Liverpool to start another normal week.
Nothing is worth it if you aren't happy.

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