Sunday, 23 October 2016

Conwy Food Festival

Skeleton T-Shirt - Asos
Black Pleated Culottes - New Look
Pink Cord Jacket - Asos
Trainers - H&M (Similar)

Over the weekend I have been staying in a cottage near Bangor in North Wales with my family. So I have had no WiFi and hardly any mobile signal - and it's been lovely.

This was the outfit that I wore yesterday and it was THE comfiest thing EVER. I literally felt like I was wearing pyjamas all day, which is basically what I wear 90% of the time anyway. The culottes are really silky and move with you, and the t-shirt is nice and over-sized. I fell in love with this t-shirt when I saw it on Asos and it made me laugh with the 'skeletons do everyday things' slogan - it kind of fits with this time of year, and also with my degree.

The pink jacket is also surprisingly versatile - I have been wearing it with everything for the last couple of weeks. It is also just thick enough to keep the cold of this autumnal weather out that we've been having recently (which I have been loving).

Yesterday we decided to visit Conwy as they had their annual food festival on: the 'Conwy Feast'. Conwy is a market town set within castle walls and has a lovely atmosphere, with lots of little quirky shops and cafes to visit, plus brightly coloured buildings and a quay.

We wondered up and down the little streets, stopping every few strides to sample the food on offer. One of my favourites was the cheese stall, where I tried lots of different flavours of Cheddar cheese. Fact: Cheddar was my favourite food up until about the age of 12. I remember writing about it in my diary. It would still be up high on my list, after lasagne and pizza.

There were hundreds of food stalls to visit, plus some marquee tents that you had to pay to go inside.

I had to have a photo in front of flower pots. Because I wouldn't be a blogger if I didn't, right? *cringe*

The stall that I bought the most food on was the Persian food stall. I had a falafel kebab and it was one of the most delicious things I've ever tasted. Fried falafel, covered in sesame seeds + cucumber, onion and tomatoes + harissa mayo = heaven...

...Especially when paired with their special chips, that had chilli, harissa mayo, feta cheese, and spices on top. I am a bit obsessed with feta at the moment so these chips were incredible.

Here's a lovely photo of me about to devour my kebab in 30 seconds flat.

Afterwards we took the dogs for a walk in a nearby town, and went back to the cottage to play board games and eat fajitas. Yes, more food - if you know us you'll know that our family life revolves around food.

I'm now back in Liverpool but have had such an amazing weekend with my family; I love spending time as a 5, as it's more of a rare occurrence now that me and my sister are at university. Tomorrow I'll be blogging about today's adventures, but for now I'm off to bed as I'm up early in the morning for placement.

Have a good Monday!
You did not wake up today to be mediocre.

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