Tuesday, 11 October 2016


Today I am, quite honestly, overwhelmed by the support from yesterday's post.

When I wrote about my overdose I didn't really know how people would take it. I thought some may think that I was crazy, stupid, selfish, mad. I thought that some people would want to avoid me from now on. I thought that perhaps I would be seen as a bad person because of what I did. I just knew it was important to get my story out there: even if it only helped one other person it would be worth it.

I honestly didn't expect the support that I have got from the post, and the amount of people that have messaged me or commented is amazing. It makes me realise that I did the right thing in telling my story. I have cried a lot since posting it - due to the relief of finally telling the world, and also the lovely, lovely comments that I have received from people. Especially my mum. My mum made me cry a lot (like mother, like daughter, hey Mum?).

In fact, my mum text me this text:
"What a brave post! Actually for the first time since that awful day I didn't cry when I thought about it. Do you know why? It's because I can see that you have come so far and out the other side of a terrible illness. You are so much stronger now and doing something that you love and helping others. That makes me so proud. So happy to have you as my daughter and best friend. Love you to the moon and back."

I am one lucky daughter, and also a very lucky friend/sister/grandaughter/cousin/medical student/blogger.

THANK YOU to everyone for being so, so supportive. I hope I continue to be honest and open with you, and help as many people along the way as possible. Love you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Things turn out best for people who make the best out of the way things turn out.

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