Wednesday, 18 January 2017

7 reasons I love IKEA

Grainy Windows phone photos, yay!

My parents both had the day off work today, so we decided to go to IKEA together. As you probably know, I will be graduating in July and will most likely be moving to somewhere new, and I'm really looking forward to decorating. And what better place than IKEA to get some inspiration from?!

1) The inspiration 'rooms'
These are definitely my favourite parts of IKEA - the makeshift 'rooms' that are decorated to look like mini apartments. They give me so many ideas for my own flat and show that a small room doesn't have to look cluttered or cramped. I used to wander around them and pretend that they were my own house when I was younger. The best part is that the little rooms just give me so ideas about colours, furniture and decoration. Oh, and that I want a kitchen with an island like the one above.

2) Nostalgia
We used to visit IKEA such a lot when I was younger, so going back now gives me such a sense of nostalgia. I used to love running around with my sister, looking at all of the rooms and playing house.

3) Hide-and-seek
Honestly, I think IKEA should hold huge adult hide-and-seek sessions - they would make a fortune if they just charged a couple of quid. It was the best place to play hide-and-seek as a child, and it's still the best place to play it as an adult. All of those rooms and storage boxes!

4) The picture section
This is also one of my favourite sections of IKEA - the bit with all of the pictures and picture frames. I like looking around for inspiration, and I picked up these cute little ice lolly cards to go on my wall today for just £1. I really want to have a gallery print wall at my place, so this section gives me lots of ideas.

5) The food
Let's face it, we don't just go to IKEA for the furniture, do we? The food is so good and it's so cheap! I had some veggie meatballs today for just over £1 and they were delicious - plus me and mum got a hot chocolate for 40p each (which, FYI, is just as good as a Costa hot chocolate and literally 10 times cheaper). The section where you can buy the food is great too - I got some frozen veggie meatballs to cook at uni with pasta or rice.

6) The storage ideas
IKEA come up with some amazing storage ideas to make a room look bigger and less cluttered. I think that they come up with some really innovative ideas, and I'm really hoping it will help me fit my ever-growing wardrobe into a small flat...

7) The prices
But really, the best thing about IKEA is that it's just so cheap. I will definitely get the majority of my starter furniture from there, because I can pick it up for half the price of most other places. And it's decent quality, too.

IKEA, we love you.

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