Saturday, 14 January 2017

Baths and mindfulness

Today has been one of those days where I've had time to sort out all of those niggly life things that sometimes get pushed aside when you're busy - moisturising, painting my nails, washing my hair. And I actually enjoyed doing them, most likely because I actually had the time to complete them properly, so that they didn't seem so much like a chore.

I lit some candles (I'm still into the hygge vibe), ran a bath, and put Ed Sheeran on my iPod. I put a Lush bath bomb that I got for Christmas into the water (how cute is the little penguin?!), and spent half an hour or so just wallowing and thinking.

I actually think that being in the bath is one of the easiest places to practise mindfulness. If you're not aware of mindfulness, it is the concept of being in the present moment and being aware of everything going on around you. I found that I was concentrating on the sight of the steam rising from the water, the woody smell of the bath bomb, the feel of my wet hair on my shoulders, the sound of the water running. I was in the present moment and, during that time, I wasn't thinking about any of my worries or fears. When I was depressed I always found that a bath would help me to feel better, and I think that was partly why - it was hard to ignore all of my senses and not be in the moment.

I have this week off uni, so I've got time to sort out the little things in life that often get pushed aside. Although I haven't really done that much today, I still feel like I've been productive. I've also spent the majority of the day reading - I love when I have nothing on and can just lose myself in a book. I forget how much I love reading until I actually properly get back into it.

I think it's so important to make time for the little things in life - I always feel so good when I make time to do things that I love, like reading or having a bath. We all get so wrapped up in work and diets or looking good on Instagram sometimes, that we forget to give ourselves a bit of TLC and take some time out. Well this week, I'm going to take a lot of time out for myself as I feel like I need it.

I hope you have had a lovely Saturday!
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  1. Great minds think alike - I also ran a hot bath last night and just enjoyed it! (Plus a glass of wine and old episodes of Made in Chelsea haha). It was so nice to watch the candles flickering and steam rising and just not feel like I had to worry about anything past or future. And I even bothered to moisturise for the first time in forever... self care wins!
    Jennifer x
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