Sunday, 29 January 2017

Chinese New Year in Liverpool

Yesterday was Chinese New Year, so China Town in Liverpool had various events on today to celebrate. My friend Sarah and I caught the bus to town at about 1pm, and there were loads of people wandering around China Town. We walked through the archway and underneath all of the colourful lanterns, and ended up near a stage where we watched a Chinese dragon dancing.

I love how colourful everything is! Of course, we had to get some Chinese food, so I got some noodles and some prawn crackers, which were delicious and only £3 altogether.

We then decided to have a look around the shops in town, before returning to the archway when it was starting to get dark.

The archway and the road behind it looked beautiful all lit up in the dark.

When it was fully dark at around 5.30pm, there was a light display projected onto the archway and the two buildings either side of it. This was the best part of the events for Chinese New Year - it had moving images of flowers, water, people, and birds, along to some music. It looked beautiful and was quite spectacular to watch.

One of the things I love most about Liverpool is how proud the people are to live here. After the light display everyone started clapping and it was so lovely to feel a part of that community. Scouse people are so proud of their city, and after nearly 5 years of living here I can definitely see why - I feel proud to call myself an honorary Liverpudlian.
Once you become fearless, life becomes limitless.

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