Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Collecting homeware bits

As I'm going to graduate in the summer and stop being a student, I am really looking forward to being able to put my own stamp on a place more so than you can with student houses. So I have been collecting a few homeware bits recently, and have really enjoyed thinking about decor ideas. I love places that are really bright, but very colourful, with lots of textures and atmospheric lighting.

I picked up this cute fake plant from New Look recently, mainly because I loved the pot that it comes in. Over the weekend I also bought some plates and bowls from Sainsbury's, which have a brightly coloured Moroccan pattern on them. They had one third off and were too nice to leave behind!

I have also collected various posters and prints, as I really like the look of gallery walls with lots of different pictures hung up. I got these ice lolly cards in IKEA the other day, and I also have some vintage-looking Disney posters that I bought at a university poster sale. And the other thing that I have collected a lot of is candles - I can't wait to spread them out more as at the moment they're all cramped up in my tiny bedroom!
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  1. That little pot is so cute! I've loved having my own flat since working, and homeware shopping is my favourite activity. I'm now debating whether to go for a non-furnished flat when I move again this summer - that'll be a whole new adventure!
    Jennifer x
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