Sunday, 15 January 2017

My video of Italy

You may know that I have made videos of all of the places that I travelled to last summer and published them on YouTube: Fiji, Australia and Bali. And today I finally finished off the video of the Amalfi Coast in Italy, that I visited with my family in August. You can either watch it below or here on YouTube if you're interested!

I've got a few holidays lined up this year that I'm also hoping to film and turn into videos. I'm not the best at filming and editing, but I'm really hoping to improve that skill this year, as I love being able to watch a video back of places that I have travelled to. It brings back memories even more so than photos - perhaps because videos feel more alive and less static. These are the first proper videos that I've ever made, so I'm fairly proud of how they've turned out, and I've found that I really enjoy editing them and putting all of my footage together (except when I have 2 hours of snorkelling footage... now that got boring). I think it's the creative streak in me coming out in a different way to blogging and photography that I enjoy. I hope you enjoy watching them!
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