Thursday, 16 February 2017

6 things that have made me happy today #14

1) Simulation course
Today I wasn't on placement, but I did a simulation course instead. Basically this is a mannequin in a room that breathes, talks and responds to medications - and us, as medical students, have to work out what is medically wrong with it and fix that problem by responding to its symptoms. For example, in one of my scenarios the 'patient' was losing consciousness, and we worked out that it was hypoglycaemic (had low blood sugar, ie diabetes). So we had to treat this by giving the patient glucose, and kept monitoring his breathing and circulation until he woke up. It was a really fun day and I felt like I learnt a lot about emergency situations!

2) Working with other healthcare professionals
During my simulation day there were also some nurses and pharmacists in our group, and I really enjoyed working alongside them like we were a proper multidisciplinary team in hospital. It made me really appreciate the skills and knowledge of the other healthcare professionals, and I found it really useful to have them there working alongside me to make the patient better.

3) Sausage casserole
Tonight I made a sausage casserole and it was delicious. I've really got more into cooking recently, but this was one of my favourite recipes so far. And the best part is that I made plenty so I have some more to eat next week!

4) 100% Hotter
Tonight my housemate Sarah and I sat down and watched 100% Hotter. I used to be obsessed with Snog, Marry, Avoid and it's basically an updated version of that. If you're not aware of either programme, they are both makeover shows and the transformations are incredible. It's one of those guilty pleasures that I love to watch each week (Wednesday 8pm, 5STAR).

5) YouTube
I've been watching some YouTube videos this evening, and Joe Sugg and Shane Dawson never fail to make me laugh. I've really gotten into watching daily vlogs, where people record their day-to-day lives - I think it's really interesting and entertaining!

6) Getting excited about holidays
I have two holidays coming up this year with uni friends - to Iceland and Greece. I was chatting about them today and I'm so excited! The landscape of Iceland looks incredible, and I can't wait to visit the blue lagoon. And Greece will be a really fun island hopping trip for a couple of weeks.
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                        - Susan Statham

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