Thursday, 27 April 2017

A Matalan and Home Bargains homeware haul

Pink Mongolian Faux Fur Cushion - Matalan
Initial Pineapple Dish - Matalan
Marble Chopping Board - Matalan
Floral Glass Bottle - Home Bargains
Mason Jar - Home Bargains
Fish Bowl Vase - Home Bargains
Green Tea Light Holder - Home Bargains

As you may know, I will be graduating soon and will be moving out of my student house and into a flat, and I've been very excited about buying homeware (seriously, I keep getting over-excited about bowls and it's getting a little bit sad now). So today I decided to curb my cravings and went to a couple of shops that sell fairly cheap homeware items - i.e. Matalan and Home Bargains.

Matalan have some lovely pieces in at the moment, and as soon as I saw these pink mongolian faux fur cushions, I grabbed them. I was actually looking at them online because I wanted a couple to go in my bedroom, but they were out of stock. There were three left in the Matalan store, so I got two to go on my bed. I want my bedroom to have a pink and grey theme, so these are perfect! They were only £8 each. They also had a few other colours, and I liked the grey ones but decided to just get these for now.

Also from Matalan I bought this gorgeous marble chopping board for £10. I never thought I would ever get excited about a chopping board, but, sadly, I did. It's really heavy because it is made out of marble, and it will be relatively scratch-proof. I also saw this little pineapple trinket dish at the tills, and I just grabbed it because it was only £3 and it has my initial on it. Done deal.

I've been thinking about ways to store some of my products, and I decided that I'd like a fish bowl vase to put some bath bombs in. This one was only £2.99 from Home Bargains.

I also picked up this little glass bottle from Home Bargains, which was only 59p. I'd quite like to use it to store some long matches in it, as I always think that the matches in a bottle look pretty, but I'm not prepared to spend that much when I can make it by myself!

I love how vintage this tealight holder from Home Bargains looks, with the embossed dragonfly on the front and the rope handle. I didn't buy it for any other reason than that it looks pretty!

Again another storage solution - I thought I could use this mason jar to store cotton buds or pads in in my bathroom. This was also 59p so another bargain!

Look out for lots more hauls like this coming very soon :)
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