Saturday, 8 April 2017


Today I went to an event that I have been excited about for ages... the #CarnLIVal blogging event! This is the fourth event that I have been to that has been organised by Katy and Sam, and it was honestly their best one yet. I always know that I'm going to enjoy the day when it has been organised by them, but this time they outdid themselves.

Today's #CarnLIVal event was held in Hope Street Hotel (situated on Hope Street in Liverpool, surprisingly). I have walked past the hotel numerous times and wondered what it is like inside, because the wooden exterior does nothing to show off its interior. And I can reveal that it is absolutely beautiful. I only saw the lobby and the room that the event was held in (I was too busy taking photos to go on a hotel tour!), but it is amazing. I mean, just look at the view we had from the balcony! You could literally see all of Liverpool, from the two cathedrals to the docks and the Liver building. It would be an amazing place to stay.

Katy and Sam definitely picked the right day for #CarnLIVal - it was beautiful all day and standing on the balcony was absolute bliss.

We all were given a raffle ticket, and I won a Magnitone facial cleansing brush!

We also had a competition to see who could find the most Easter eggs.

I really need to clean my camera lens...

It was so lovely to catch up with everyone who I haven't seen since the last event. Katy is above and Em is below.

We all had to have a go with the bubbles - here's Holly with hers.

The decor was beautiful - I loved these confetti balloons! Below is Hannah, whom it was also lovely to catch up with.

The majority of the day was spent chatting to the other bloggers and checking out the incredible view.  It's always nice to catch up with the girls I already know, as well as meeting some new people. I had such an amazing day - I would like to thank Katy and Sam for making it so special. You really did such an incredible job!

The goody bags were also amazing, I think I'll do a post on mine soon, so stay tuned!
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