Friday, 26 May 2017

Lealholm and Saltburn

Yesterday, after finishing medical school, myself and my friend Kelly travelled up to her home in the North East to stay here for the weekend. As it was such a beautiful day today, we decided to celebrate finishing university by having a picnic with prosecco in the sunshine.

We drove to a little village in North Yorkshire called Lealholm, where we set ourselves up on the grass for our picnic. We had so much food - sandwiches, fruit, scotch eggs, cheese and onion rolls, pizza bites, party rings, Brie... The list goes on.

The grass we sat on was right next to a river with stepping stones crossing it, so when we got too hot we were able to paddle our feet for a while. We spent the afternoon eating, snoozing and paddling in the sunshine, with some beautiful scenery surrounding us, before getting some cake and ice-cream from the village shop.

Afterwards we decided to visit Saltburn-by-the-Sea, a seaside town also in North Yorkshire. It had some amazing views over the cliffs and the beach, which was gorgeous as the sun started to go down.

We walked around the valley gardens (and obviously had to squeeze as many people as we could into a teepee).

The gardens brought us back round to the beach, so we wandered down the pier for views back over Saltburn.

I had such a lovely day and the beautiful weather made it even better. We came home exhausted, sunburnt and very full with food, and I'm ready for another day of exploring some more of the North East tomorrow.

I really don't think you can beat the UK when the sun is shining - I really want to explore more of it next year when I'm working, as I'm not going to be able to have much more time off than a long weekend. Brighton, Ireland and Bath are at the top of my list!
Seek what sets your soul on fire.

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