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Maranto's Lark Lane Liverpool Restaurant Review

Maranto's, 57-63 Lark Lane, Liverpool, L17 8UP

After driving back to Liverpool last night, my family decided to come up to meet me today to sort out some more things in my flat, and bring a sofa up for me. When they arrived I had a lovely surprise, as they had brought my grandparents with them to come and see my flat too! After heaving the sofa up three flights of stairs (picking the top flat is not such a clever idea when trying to get furniture up there), and fixing some new drawer knobs to my chest of drawers, we decided to go for a walk down Lark Lane to find somewhere for lunch.

Lark Lane is a street in Liverpool just off Sefton Park, and is famous for its many restaurants, cafes and bars, as well as its bohemian reputation. There are so many places to pick, but after perusing some menus we settled on Maranto's, an Italian-American restaurant with a balcony bar.

One of the first thing that struck me about Maranto's was its interesting architecture and decor. The outside is really ornate, and the inside has lots of different floor levels (hence the balcony bar). The menu explained the history of the building - it has housed many different businesses, from a chemist to a mission chapel, before the restaurant was opened in 1983 by the Maranto family. The history added to the quirkiness of Maranto's, and the staff seemed more than happy to chat about it with my Grandad.

The menu had lots of different choices, including pizza, pasta, burgers, steaks, fish dishes and other meat dishes. All of the pasta dishes looked amazing, but I had eaten a fair amount of pasta over the weekend, so I decided to go for something different.

For my starter I had the king prawns, which were served with a sweet chilli dip. They were delicious, although I wish I had gone for the same thing as my mum - she had the 'polpette di funghi', which was deep fried mushrooms stuffed with three different cheeses. I tasted one and they were incredible.

For my main course I chose the grilled halloumi burger (standard Hannah). It was a burger bun with grilled halloumi cheese and sauteed vegetables inside. It tasted really good - it was really moist due to the sauteed vegetables, and I always think that halloumi makes the best type of burger. It's probably one of the best halloumi burgers I've ever had.

However, I also envied my mum's main meal! She chose the 'spaghetti tricolore', which was spaghetti pasta served with tomatoes, garlic, mozzarella, pesto, mushrooms and courgettes. She said it was the best pasta dish she had eaten in a long time, which is definitely a huge compliment as we eat pasta quite often. My dad had the chicken tagliatelle and also said that his was the best pasta he had eaten in a restaurant in years.

I would definitely visit Maranto's again, but next time I would try a pasta dish as these seemed to be some of the best items on the menu - they were also massive portions. The trouble with Liverpool is that there are so many places to eat out, I always feel a bit bad about going somewhere more than once! There are a lot of places that I haven't tried on Lark Lane yet, but I really do think that my family and I will be back at Maranto's at some point in the not-so-distant future, as we enjoyed our meal so much.
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