Wednesday, 28 June 2017

West Midlands Safari Park

It was my sister Mollie's 16th birthday today, so to celebrate we all decided to go to the West Midlands Safari Park for the day. The safari park is somewhere that we used to go quite a lot when we were kids, but I haven't been for years since then.

The best part about it is driving around all of the different animal enclosures and seeing them up close. Some of my favourites are the lions, the zebras and the white tigers. Animal photography is one of my favourite types of photography, so I was having a whale of a time with my DSLR camera.

This lion in the photograph above was watching some deer on the other side of the fence.

Mum nearly got 'attacked' by this zebra, or so she said...

The elephants are another one of my favourites! One of the best days I've ever had was when I was at the elephant sanctuary in Bali last year.

The safari park also has some rides, so we decided to spend the afternoon whizzing around in the air. I actually still feel a bit sick from it now!

We had a really great day as a family and it was such a lovely way to spend Mollie's birthday. I just personally cannot quite believe that she's 16!
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