Saturday, 10 June 2017

Wine tasting and Ios

Apologies for the lack of blog posts over the last few days - the WiFi in Greece is definitely not the best I have ever encountered!

These first few photos are of our last evening in Santorini. We spent a couple of hours wine tasting, and it is one of the best things I've done during this holiday so far. I didn't expect to enjoy it that much as wine is wine, but the views were beautiful and the wine was delicious and so easy to drink. Plus we were with a group of people that were so easy to get along with.

I'm actually on a tour with a company called MEDexperience, who I will talk about more when I'm back home. We are on their Greek island hopping tour and spend 2 days each in Athens, Santorini, Ios, Paros and Mykonos. I feel like the tour allows us to see the best of the islands, and we also get a fair amount of free time.

The past two days I have been in Ios, and here is the incredible view that we had from our balcony...

Ios is known to be one of the party islands of Greece, and although I'm not particularly here to drink and party, I really enjoyed the bar crawl on the first night. The goal was to visit 10 bars and see the sunrise - I managed 6 and then decided I was too tired and needed to go to bed!

Yesterday we did a speedboat safari tour around the island, which was so much fun. Firstly we had a tube ride (a bit like banana boating but instead you are lying down on an inflatable and pulled along by a speed boat), which was incredible - I couldn't stop laughing. We all stayed on until they told us to swap rafts at the end... Turns out each tube doesn't hold more than 2 people at a time!

Afterwards we went on a speedboat to explore some caves, snorkel and spend some time on a private beach. I love the feeling of being on the ocean, and the feel of the wind whipping past when I'm on a speedboat. I felt very contented.

This morning we caught the ferry to the island of Paros, and we're going to a Greek night tonight! We will eat lots of Greek food (fingers crossed it's a meze), try some Greek dancing, and have a go at plate smashing. I'm so excited!

Hannah x

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