Friday, 21 July 2017

Love in Row 27 by Eithne Shortall

Whilst I was on holiday in Croatia I made my way through 6 books, and Love in Row 27 was one of them that I wanted to share with you.

Love in Row 27 is the debut romance novel by Irish author Eithne Shortall. Cora Hendricks is an Aer Lingus check-in attendant at Heathrow Airport, who decides to play cupid with the airline's passengers. For each flight she uses her intuition and the internet to seat two unknowing singles next to each other on row 27, hoping that they will find love. Cora is recently single and has given up on ever finding love herself - but will she see the man standing right in front of her through her own scheming with row 27?

This novel was a lovely addition to my collection, and was a really easy read whilst I was on holiday. It was also quite funny - both myself and my mum were cracking up whilst we were reading it (she borrowed it after I had finished it). The characters in the book were really relatable and the story had some unexpected twists and turns - I didn't predict the end until quite a way into the book, which is unusual for a romance novel. As it was just set in England, the story also did not feel over the top or out of reach like some of the books set in far-flung places of the world. If you're flying somewhere this summer, or even just dreaming of a holiday, definitely give this novel a go. I really enjoyed it and felt quite sad when I finished it, which is always a sign of a good book!
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