Thursday, 3 August 2017

My first official day as a doctor

Today was my first official day as an FY1 (Foundation Year 1) doctor, which means that I now actually have major responsibilities and my own patients to look after as part of a team!

I thought I'd be quite nervous to be let loose on the wards, but I actually felt really calm this morning. I think I just felt like this would be another shadowing day. I am working in a team with 2 other FY1 doctors so we were able to help and support each other throughout the day, and pick up jobs that needed doing if someone else was unable to complete them. We arrived at 8am and did a ward round with two senior members of the team, and then had to complete the jobs that needed doing afterwards - such as taking bloods, ordering scans, writing discharge letters, prescribing drugs, chasing up results, and referring patients to other teams.

My first job is on general surgery for 4 months, before I swap onto a medical ward. I'm quite glad I am starting on surgery first as it seems to be a slower pace than medicine for FY1s, and there is a lot of support from senior members of the team.

Today was quite a normal day for a junior doctor, and nothing particularly exciting happened, but I found that I really enjoyed it! It felt great to be able to actually help patients and my colleagues out, and I loved feeling like an important part of the team. I really felt ready for the responsibility after 5 years at medical school and I am always up for a challenge and new things to learn. One especially exciting part of the day was being able to wear my stethoscope around my neck (we were never supposed to do this as medical students as we could have been mistaken for doctors), and picking up my bleep (or pager, if you're American) as I felt quite official and professional with it clipped to my trousers - although I might find it very annoying when I'm on call and I get bleeped every second minute...

I guess the excitement of the more mundane days will probably eventually wear off, as with any job, but for now I am really looking forward to the days ahead and seeing what life as a doctor will bring to me. I'm even going to bed now for an early night as I'm excited for my shift tomorrow!
You are the only one who can limit your greatness. Remember that you are enough.

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