Sunday, 27 July 2014

A book, a discovery, and a whole lot of courage

Today has been another day just spent round the pool, after the disaster of yesterday. I spent some time cleaning out the pool (pictured above), and even managed to get a massive spider out (also known as the scariest and most disgusting creature ever).  I also thought I would mention the book I have just finished as I really enjoyed it; it's called One Night In Italy by Lucy Diamond, and is easy to read and perfect for a holiday. I also learnt a few words of Italian along the way! I'm now reading What a Girl Wants by Lindsey Kelk, who is one of my favourite authors - her I Heart series are funny and relatable, and well worth a read.

I also discovered something about myself that I hadn't really thought about before. My mum told me this morning that I'm a very calming person to be around, as I was at the hospital yesterday. When I'm depressed I focus more on the bad things about me rather than the good, so it was a really nice thing to hear. I suppose I don't ever really panic (I worry, but I don't panic), and I'm fairly good at calming people down if need be.

Someone I know has recently made the life-changing decision of changing from one degree to another, as the first wasn't working for her. I think she is really brave - sometimes courage is about deciding something isn't quite right and facing up to that fact, and I am really proud to call her my friend.

Off to a pizzeria now for tea :)

Hannah x

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