Monday, 28 July 2014

All that jazz

Dress - Primark
Sandals - Primark
Earrings - New Look
Bag - New Look

Last night when we were looking for a pizzeria we stumbled across a jazz festival. There was a big stage set up in the main piazza and the atmosphere was amazing. I love the crooning sound of a saxophone, it's really pleasant to sit and listen to and can be really uplifting. We also saw a massive pug, which is always a plus. I wore the dress in the photos above - it's actually a few years old but I love the colours in it, and there's plenty of room for a food baby after a pizza!

Today we went to a town down south called Lecce. I love how in Italy you can be walking down a normal small street and then suddenly come across a huge cathedral. The architecture here is incredible; the attention to detail can't be ignored, even if you don't know much about buildings like me.

I fall in love with Italy more and more every time I come here - the language; the laid back lifestyle; the beautiful towns; and of course, the FOOD (how is Italian pizza so good?!).

Hannah x

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