Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Baking with Hannah

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This isn't some cheesily named post, I was actually baking with my friend Hannah last night. We decided to bake macaroons! We used this recipe and decided to make pastel pink, yellow and blue ones. We thought that it would be fairly easy but we were so, so wrong...

After spending over £10 on the ingredients we got back to Hannah's house and realised that we had accidentally picked up the red food colouring instead of blue. We thought red macaroons may look a bit strange so we decided to just stick with the pink and yellow. We then quickly dived in to making the mixture for the macaroons, which wasn't too hard, except we added too many eggs as we didn't read the recipe properly. Then our sugar wouldn't melt and form a syrup, next our eggs wouldn't form "medium-stiff peaks" (I think we'll both have massive biceps after whisking them for so long); it was beginning to look like a disaster.

After about two hours of just trying to make the mixture, we then had the difficult task of piping it onto the baking trays. Neither of us have had much experience with piping bags, but the shapes turned out okay... until they spread and formed big splodges. We had a few good shaped ones, so decided to just try and bake them anyway. We also found that putting them into the holes of a cupcake tin worked well, as the shapes kept better. So after three hours and a lot of hard work we finally had about 12 macaroons that made fairly decent shapes, and you can see the product in the photos above! They are a little bit flat and have loads of holes in them, but I think they were fairly decent for our first attempt.

So although our macaroons tasted really nice, I can safely say that I will never be going through the ordeal of making them again... I think it would have been quicker to fly to Paris and pick them up from Laduree. We had a good night, but I think next time we'll just stick to baking muffins :)

When I got home I found that Mum had baked me these lovely chocolate cupcakes below; she always makes us a cake for our birthdays but this year decided to make me little cupcakes (they taste amazing). My birthday isn't actually until Saturday but I go on holiday on Thursday so she thought that she would make them in advance so they get eaten!

Today I have tidied my room and sorted my wardrobe out (the doors feel like they'll explode open at any moment now), and had a bit of exercise by walking my dogs and going on the running machine, which is really supposed to help a low mood.

Hannah x

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