Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Hello, I'm Hannah and I'm a third year medical student

Medical Student Bambi Top


Bambi Top

Top - Primark
Shorts - Forever 21 (Similar)
Jelly Sandals - Primark
Choker - Miss Selfridge
Anklet - Bought in Fuerteventura
Sunglasses - River Island

I found out that I passed my second year of university today!!! So I'll be going into my third year in September. I'm really quite proud of myself as I was going through such a bad period before and during exams with my depression - I couldn't see past the next day, let alone think about getting through exams. I'm really relieved that I can now just relax completely and enjoy the rest of my summer.

Today we visited a nearby town called Martina Franca; it has a lovely historic centre and lots of winding streets to explore. The flowers in the photo of the bike above are actually made of sweets, they were so cute. I seemed to get a lot of funny looks - possibly because I was dressed like a baby in a Bambi top and jelly shoes? Ah well, I love wearing nostalgic clothing that takes me back to being a child. I remember having little purple sparkly heeled jelly shoes when I was about 6, and felt so grown up until they gave me awful blisters and I went crying to my mum.

Hannah x

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