Sunday, 20 July 2014

Just one cornetto, give it to me...

I've been thinking all day about what I should write as we haven't done anything particularly interesting - then I thought I would write about what has made me happy today: swimming, sunbathing and napping.

I love swimming; it's exercise without even really realising, and I've always loved the peacefulness of being underwater. I haven't been sleeping overly well for a couple of months but last night I slept better than I have in ages - and all the napping in the sun will probably make up for it too!

Don't you always find that when you go on holiday with your family you end up doing things you did as a kid? We played piggy in the middle in the pool for about half an hour, then I played sharks with my sister, and then we had a competition to see who could make the biggest splash when jumping into the pool... I won, of course. It's actually quite fun to pretend to be young and naive again, with your only worry being how many ice-creams you can possibly eat in a day without being sick.

Hannah x

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