Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Lessons learned

Lessons learned from depression

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My depression has actually taught me a lot of lessons, and although it brings me a lot of pain I wouldn't be the person I am today without it. A few of these lessons are listed below.

1) It's okay to ask for help
At first I was ashamed of how I was feeling and thought I would have to deal with it by myself; however it was such a relief to admit to my mum that I was suffering. Professional help such as medication and counselling really makes me feel better, as well as the support from people around me. There is so much help out there for people with mental health problems, you just have to pluck up the courage to ask for it.

2) I'm never alone
Depression is such a lonely illness - it makes you feel like nobody cares about you and would be better off without you being here. However my family and friends have been so supportive and have made sure that I never feel like I can't talk to anyone. The support from starting this blog has been amazing, and I always think it's important to remember that I'm not the only one going through depression - millions of people suffer from it and there is always someone out there to contact, even if it's Samaritans or Mind.

3) I am a strong person
I have been through so much and I'm still here. It is such a cliche but going through hard times really does make you stronger. I used to think that I was a weak person for getting upset over little things, but I have proved to myself that I can get through things, and I can get better.

4) I deserve to get better and live life to its fullest
My illness used to make me believe that I was a bad person and deserved to feel bad, however I have recently realised that I am entitled to feel happy and have a good life. I don't want to feel bad forever and am really determined that I will beat it once and for all this time. Here's to happiness (wow that was cheesy)!

I have spent my day today sunbathing and sleeping - it's amazing how something that doesn't cost anything can make you feel so good.

Hannah x

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