Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Pack up your troubles in your old kit bag

Is it weird that I love packing? I know most people hate it but I really enjoy it! I enjoy planning outfits for each day and thinking about what products and shoes I need to pack. I'm off to Puglia in Italy tomorrow (it's the heel of the boot) and am really excited to relax for a couple of weeks next to the pool. I'm going to try and post on here while I'm away, so keep coming back to see my adventures! The photos may not be amazing because I'll probably be using an iPad to take them, but they'll be here all the same.

I thought I'd dedicate this post to what I'm taking away with me. I won't bother talking about the obvious (pants/deodorant/shampoo etc), but the extra things specially for holiday.

So firstly, clothes. I take loads of comfy shorts (Primark does a good selection of these) and vest tops away with me to wear in the day as we usually do a lot of walking around the little towns in Italy. Bikinis are a given, along with a kaftan or kimono to throw over them at lunch time. I also take a few dresses or nice skirts to wear if we go out in the evenings. As we are going to Italy I am going to take a scarf with me (a thin one not a woolly one!). This may sound weird but if you want to go into the churches you have to cover your shoulders up and have clothes down to your knees, and often on holiday it's too hot for either of these, so taking a scarf to towns that we visit is useful for this reason.

On to beauty... This is going to be the main portion of this post as I'll be trying to blog some of my holiday outfits while I'm there anyway. Apart from the essentials, I am also taking:
Soltan Once Invisible Suncare Spray
This is obvious, to protect myself from the sun. I usually start off with SPF 30 and work down to 20 when my skin is more tanned. I normally just pick up a cheap sun cream with high UVB and UVA protection, and this one was the cheapest in Boots!
Solait Mattifying Face Fluid SPF 30
My skin can be prone to becoming oily, so I use this cream on my face to protect it from the sun as it is water resistant and mattifying.
Batiste Dry Shampoo - Tropical
This is a life-saver for my hair on days that I don't wash it on holiday; it also gives it some volume if it goes a bit flat. The tropical flavour is my favourite as it's very summery and reminds me of travelling.
Hawaiian Tropic After Sun Body Butter - Exotic Coconut
This. Smells. SO. Good!! Even if I hadn't been in the sun I would use this on my body after having a shower. It's really moisturising and cooling, and the smell of coconuts is good enough to eat. I couldn't recommend it more; I'll be taking two away with me as I use so much of it! You can also get this after sun in "Lime Coolada", which smells equally as good.
The Body Shop Mango Body Butter
I take this smaller pot away with me to use on any areas that become especially dry; it smells lovely and is really moisturising. I have my eye on the peach one next...
Garnier Micellar Water
If I wear any make-up, I use this to take it off in the evening. It's lovely and gentle and is also very cooling after a hot day.
Elizabeth Arden Sunflowers Body Lotion
I love the smell of this perfume; I have worn it on many summer days so it reminds me of holidays and picnics. I don't like taking perfume away with me on holiday as I always think it will evaporate quickly (it probably won't, that's probably just me), so instead I take this body lotion with me and put it on if we go out in the evenings, to be left with a long-lasting floral scent.
Carmex Cherry Lip Balm
I always like to protect my lips with an SPF while I'm away, and this lip balm also has the benefits of tasting lovely, whilst stopping my lips from becoming chapped.
Herbal Essences Bee Strong Hair Mask
My hair can become quite dry when it's been in the sun for a long time, so I use this hair mask once or twice a week after shampooing and conditioning and leave it on for a few minutes, before washing it out in the shower. I only put it on the mid-lengths to ends of my hair as it can make the roots greasy quickly. It leaves my hair feeling really soft and silky, lasting for a couple of days at least.
Percy & Reed No Oil Oil
I put a couple of squirts of this oil onto the mid-lengths to ends of my hair after I have washed it, and just leave it to dry. It leaves my hair feeling lovely and smooth, and also stops fly aways.
Ojon Rare Blend Oil
I use this teenie cute oil on my hair if it feels really dry on days that I haven't washed it. It smooths down fly aways and makes my hair smell of oranges.
Sleek Blush - Suede
I don't wear much make-up on holiday, especially in the day, but I like to put a bit of bronzer and mascara on in the evenings. This one is actually sold as a blusher, but is brown so I use it as a bronzer. I use a kabuki brush to sweep it onto my cheek bones and forehead, and it gives a really natural non-shiny glow to the face.
Barry M Matte Nail Varnish in Copacabana and Models Own Nail Varnish in Flip Flop
I love having bright nails on holiday; it enhances your tan and brightens up any outfit. These two are my current favourites - I am wearing the Barry M one in one of the photos above.
Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick in Shade 20 and Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in Electric Orange
I also love wearing bright lipstick in the evening abroad, so I am taking these pink and orange ones. I am wearing the pink one in my Shrewsbury post that I did over the weekend; it stayed on most of the night (even when eating/drinking) and has a lovely matte dark pink colour. The orange is really on-trend at the moment and also lasts a long time.
Ambre Solaire BB Tinted Face Protection Cream SPF 30
I forgot to include this in the photographs, but I use this BB cream if I want a bit of extra coverage on my face while I'm on holiday. It does come out quite orange so needs a lot of blending, but has the extra benefit of SPF 30 whilst wearing it.

I'm sorry this post is so long, I didn't realise how many products I'd included! I'm hopefully going to do a post tomorrow about what I'm wearing to the airport, but today I am going last-minute shopping and seeing my friends later on.

Hannah x

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