Monday, 18 August 2014

Meet Dylan

I have already done a post on my other dog Buster, so thought that I should do one about Dylan, my black labrador. He actually hates having his photo taken (seriously), unlike Buster who is a poser, so these are the best photos I have of him.

Dyl is one of the most loyal and gentle dogs I have ever met, and would never hurt a fly. He lives for his walks - surprisingly preferring them over food - although he struggles with them now due to his arthritis, as he is currently 11 years old. His massive head makes him very distinctive, as he is from a line of labradors called the Sandringham line, as does the black birth mark on his tongue. Dylan will let you cry on him if you're upset; dress him up if you feel like it; even dance with him around the kitchen if he's in the mood. He loves fuss, and will butt his massive head into you if you don't give him enough, and has his favourite spot on the sofa that noone can sit on (beware if you do - his evil stare never wanes and is enough to make you sheepishly vacate onto the floor). Often my family and I will all be sitting on the carpet while the dogs take up residence on the sofas.

Dylan can be a very stinky dog - his farts are enough to clear a room, and his breath bad enough to put you off your food, but that's probably just an old man thing. His howling is the most annoying thing ever to hear at 6am in the morning, especially on a Sunday, but all he wants is a bit of food and a quick trot around the field. He is so loveable and an amazing companion to have, and I literally can't imagine life without him.

Today I have just travelled back from Scarborough, stopping for lunch on the way, and it's lovely to see my family and dogs again this evening.

Hannah x

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