Tuesday, 12 August 2014


Just a quick one today again (sorry) as I'm exhausted! I had a five and a half hour train journey up to Scarborough this afternoon so that I can spend a few days with my family that live up here, which I'm really excited about. I changed trains at Manchester Piccadilly and couldn't resist picking up a banana yoghurt frappuccino from Starbucks - and it tasted as amazing as it sounds. I love anything that tastes of banana so this gets a big thumbs up from me!

Once I got to Scarborough I went to Pizza Hut with my cousins and their friends who were all lovely, and I had the buffet which is always good. This evening we went to a pub quiz. I'm generally awful when it comes to general knowledge; I think I got about three questions right... I knew which bird has the biggest wing span (albatross), when Rihanna released Umbrella (2007), and who wrote The Stud (Jackie Collins). I'm going to get way ahead in life with those answers, of course.

Tomorrow I am looking forward to seeing one of my friends from university who lives in Yorkshire. It's her birthday so we're going to Go Ape! It looks good fun and I've always wanted to try it out - I will try and post some photos and a bit of a review on here tomorrow.

I was really sorry to hear about the news of Robin Williams' death. It is awful to think how bad he must have felt to take his own life, and it also goes to show that depression can affect anyone, in any situation. Rest in peace, Robin.

Hannah x

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