Saturday, 9 August 2014

School girl

Black Pinafore

Pinafore - New Look (Similar)
Blouse - Primark
Shoes - Urban Angel (Similar)
Socks - Primark
Bag - H&M (Similar)
Bracelet - Pandora

This outfit reminded me of being in primary school and wearing a little pinafore - I was such a stylish 7 year old. These shoes are the ones I bought in Bridgnorth for £5 a few days ago, and I love how the bag and the socks add a pop of colour to an otherwise monochrome outfit.

Today I have been lazy and sleeping most of the day. I woke up from a really deep sleep this morning and have felt exhausted ever since! I did a quick run on the running machine (10 minutes is long enough for me) and then haven't left the sofa since. Ahh I sound like I have such a boring life, don't I? The posts should be more interesting next week - I've got a lot more going on. It's been really nice to just have a relaxing week after coming back from holiday if I'm honest!

Hannah x

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