Saturday, 30 August 2014

Symptom: Tired all the time

Depression fatigue

Depression fatigue

Following on from low mood, low self-esteem and suicidal thoughts in my "symptoms of depression" posts, I thought I would today focus on feeling tired all the time. Fatigue is one of those things that can be attributed to most conditions under the sun, but mine always seems to get worse on my bad days, so I'm pretty sure it's related to my depression. Take today, for example - I have been at work all morning and haven't felt that great, so I went straight for a 3 hour nap as soon as I got home. I also find that I sleep less well in the night (hence the sleep balm!), which also doesn’t help with feeling tired in the day. I take ages to get to sleep and then wake up most hours in the morning on a bad night. I then find myself getting into a habit of napping in the day, which is apparently quite a common symptom of depression.

Fatigue is probably one of the worst physical symptoms of depression for me; it may not sound that bad but not being able to stay awake when I’m trying to study is quite frustrating. Especially during exam time when I was trying to revise! However my symptoms seem to be improving recently, and I find myself going whole nights without waking up, which feels amazing. I still feel tired a lot of the time, but I'm hoping that will improve for me soon too. To help myself get to sleep on nights that I find it difficult, I will usually get up and read for a bit or sit downstairs. I find it really hard to find anything that works for me, as these two tricks only work some of the time, and I can never stop my mind from running away with my thoughts; I definitely worry too much. It's really frustrating just lying there not being able to sleep - I'm sure most of you will have experienced this at one point or another too. I am also trying to cut down on the napping during the day where I can, as this probably doesn't help me get to sleep at night. The This Works Sleep Balm in the photo above is additionally useful on nights when I can't sleep - I'm not sure how much it helps but it smells divine of lavender!

I am going to spend this evening packing for university and watching a film with my mum, while pigging out on chocolate and biscuits. Sounds like a perfect night in for me!

Hannah x

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