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Depression self-help

Depression Self-Help

Depression Self-Help

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After my post on how to help someone with depression, I thought I would do one on a few tips to help yourself feel better if you feel low. Obviously every person is different so these won't work for everyone, but they are quite general and can hopefully help to make anyone feel a little more positive; they may be helpful even if you don't suffer from depression.

Don't use depression as an excuse
I think this is one of the worst things you could do, and people soon lose their sympathy with you if you let it stop you from doing anything. Obviously it's hard to get out of bed in the mornings, and sometimes it's okay to mope around in bed all day, but if you find yourself using it as an excuse not to do certain chores at home or to not go out and see friends, don't let it. You need to make yourself be more sociable and try and enjoy your time spent with other people - you may just find that it cheers you up and makes your low mood just that little bit more bearable.

Never give up
Following on from the last post a little, never give up. Your depression can't beat you unless you let it - keep fighting. Don't get frustrated if you take a step backwards; that is entirely normal. Keep moving forward and believe that you can get better, because you are a strong person and you can do anything you set your mind to. Never let it become a part of you - see yourself as a person with depression, not a depressed person.

Take it one step at a time
Find it difficult to get out of bed in the morning because you dread the day ahead? Take it one step at a time - think "right, I just need to get up and wash my face/brush my teeth/whatever your morning routine is", and congratulate yourself on the little things you achieve. It won't seem so bad if you break it down into smaller steps, and the day ahead won't seem so difficult if you don't think that far into the future.

Do one thing you enjoy every day
Even if it's only something small like reading a book or treating yourself to your favourite chocolate; the days won't seem so bad if you have at least enjoyed part of them. This is one thing that I have found has really helped me, as with this blog I make myself do something I want to do every day, which seems to lift my mood gradually.

Keep yourself busy
I guess this point is different for everyone, as some people find that they feel worse if they are busy all the time, but I find that it helps me as it gives me less time to think about things and wallow in my misery. I find that filling my days with work, socialising and relaxing with a good book or TV show really stops my mood from getting too low.

Don't push people away
I think this is probably my most important point. It can be so easy to push people away when you are depressed, either by getting in a mood with them or not including them in your life anymore. However, you need people that care about you in your life; they want to help you get better, and will encourage you to do so. Don't let them go as you may find they're the most important things that help you to beat your depression. It's amazing what a bit of support and motivation can do for you.

Hope this helps some people with a few ideas on how to help themselves. I've also found that expressing my feelings over this blog has really helped, and would encourage anyone to do the same, or even write a diary or talk to a loved one about things. I find that talking worries and negative thoughts through can really help rationalise them.

I found it so hard to get out of bed today - I really wasn't feeling good. However I made myself get up and go into hospital, and was glad I did as I was so busy that I didn't have time to think about my mood. Otherwise I would have just sat in bed all day, moping around whilst eating chocolate and watching Orange Is The New Black on my laptop. As I said, keep yourself busy!

Hannah x

You only live once, but if you do it right once is enough.

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  1. Thank you Hannah.I'll keep trying!!! Glad you overcome this curse.