Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Pyjama trousers

Top - Primark
Cardigan - Primark
Trousers - River Island
Shoes - Primark

Apologies for the fact that you can see right up my nose; my house mate was actually lying on my bed to try and get the whole of me in these photos in the best lighting in the house. I bought these trousers when I went to Shrewsbury a couple of months ago, and they are so comfortable! I actually felt like I was wearing my pyjamas all day today (which obviously explains why I fell asleep in the library for 20 minutes this afternoon...) They're smart enough to wear formally, but I think they could also easily be dressed down to wear casually.

My day has just been spent in hospital again, revising appendicitis and gallstones, then coming home and studying in my little Harry Potter desk under the stairs. I am so tired all the time at the moment - I feel like I need a whole week off just to catch up on sleep! I haven't felt very good when I've woken up in the mornings the past couple of days, but to be honest I think a lot of people feel like that before they have to go to work. My emotions are a little all over the place at the moment; I think about certain things and they plummet, but then I get on with my life and keep myself busy and I'm okay again. Roll on the weekend and a well-deserved lie-in!

Hannah x

Success: it's not the position where you are standing, but which direction you are going.

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