Monday, 1 September 2014

Start of third year

Orange jumper

Orange jumper

Jumper - New Look
Trousers - New Look
Trainers - Primark
Blouse - New Look (Similar)
Necklace - Bought in Italy

Today was my first official day as a third year medical student, and I am exhausted. We had lectures from 9 until 5 about various topics to do with what we'll be doing over the next year. One lecture focused on technology, and I was amazed to find out that apparently you can pause videos on the internet, and make them full screen! (Please excuse the sarcasm). We also had a talk about leadership which, although it may sound dull, was actually really inspiring. The professor talked about never giving up and the fact that you can do anything if you set your heart on it, and also said not to waste time on people that make you feel bad about yourself. He also said that people should fail lots of times in their life, as you learn so much from it and it makes you grow as a person. I was actually considering giving this blog up before that lecture as it's been so daunting meeting people that have read it, but am determined to keep going with it now as it really is helping me.

It's been a lovely day today and again, I dressed wrongly for the weather and was boiling the whole day. I think I'm just too eager to start dressing for autumn!

Hannah x

PS sorry the jumper is so bulky in the photos - it was lovely and snuggly!

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