Tuesday, 7 October 2014

10 random facts about me

Random facts about me

1) I was born with two extra fingers.
I was born with polydactyly, which meant that I had an extra finger on the side of my little fingers on each hand - they were removed soon after. My mum also had one extra finger, and when I was little she used to tell me that we were special because Anne Boleyn was rumoured to have polydactyly, so we must be related to the Royals (completely untrue, but I always used to believe it). Although knowing how Anne turned out, I'm not sure that's an entirely good thing...

2) I once ate bran flakes with water instead of milk.
NEVER again. I feel like I'm writing this just to warn people not to do it - it's absolutely disgusting. Eat them dry, not with water! Oh, student budget - how I hate you. (Actually this was probably me just being really lazy)

3) I always get massive blisters on my feet.
I feel like this list should be entitled "Why I Should Be In A Freak Show"... Ever since I did Duke of Edinburgh (how cool am I?), I have always suffered with massive blisters. And I mean HUMONGOUS. They are usually about the size of two eggs put together - I can't usually walk with them. And Mum usually has the pleasure of bursting them; so attractive.

4) I LOVE my hair being played with.
I think this stems from when I was a child, as my mum always used to stroke my curls and style my hair really gently. It makes me feel safe and sleepy - even if someone is just plaiting it for me. The best thing is when someone just sits there and strokes it for ages.

5) I love house programmes.
I'm sure I'm old before my time - I love snuggling up on the sofa with a mug of hot chocolate and a blanket over my knees, watching Location, Location, Location or Grand Designs. If there's nothing on TV I'll often turn my laptop on and watch a rerun of A Place In The Sun. And Kirstie Allsopp is amazing - I can't wait for her Christmas program!

6) I have a thing about wrists.
I hate anyone touching their wrists in front of me. It's a very irrational fear (especially as I'm a medical student), but it just makes me cringe.

7) My favourite day of the year is Christmas Eve.
I absolutely adore the Christmas period - I think it's so cute how adults are allowed to get really excited around this time of the year. I love decorating the house, the food, seeing friends and family, and just the whole spirit around it. My favourite day is Christmas Eve as there's still the excitement of Christmas Day the next day, and we also have a routine: we go out to watch a Christmas film at the cinema (last year was Frozen); then we go out for a meal; and in the evening we have all of our friends over for a couple of hours. Mum has also started a new tradition where she gives us a "Christmas Survival Kit" on Christmas Eve - last year we got pyjamas, a mug, hot chocolate and Percy Pigs. I was most excited about the Percy Pigs.

8) The most amazing place I have ever been to is Prison Island.
Also known as Changuu, it is a small island off the coast of Zanzibar, and is named Prison Island because it was the place that slaves used to be taken to, before they were shipped off elsewhere. It sounds completely horrible, but is absolutely beautiful - you can't imagine the horrors that must have gone on there previously as the scenery is just so breathtaking. There was also a sanctuary for giant tortoises, and they had about 150 when I visited. I was also the only tourist on the island at that point, so lying in the crystal clear waters surrounded by giant vibrant starfish was unreal. I can't even believe I've been there, but definitely have plans to return in the future.

9) I sleep like an Egyptian mummy.
On my back, legs straight, hands crossed over my chest, and the duvet tucked in all the way around me. Weird, I know, but it's the only way I seem to be able to sleep.

10) I like being adventurous with my food.
One of the biggest reasons I love travelling so much is because I get to try the local food. In Tanzania I had fried banana chips and an octopus curry; in Corfu I discovered my love for baklava; and Italy is just the best place for food. I like trying new dishes and think I'll try anything once - there's not much I won't eat (except fried eggs... ugh).

Hope this has helped you to get to know me a little; I feel like I've talked about my depression but not much other personal stuff. I had to show you my new hat in the photo above - it has feathers on it!!! I'm in my standard comfy wear when I get back from uni - pyjama bottoms and a thick hoodie - and had literally woken up about 5 minutes before this picture was taken. Today has just been another standard day: waking up early, going to uni, doing work, and napping. I'm just getting ready to go out for my friend's birthday, so am really looking forward to that :)

Hannah x

Whatever you are, be a good one.
             - Abraham Lincoln

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