Sunday, 26 October 2014

Halloween/onesie party

Last night I went to my friend Roxy's Halloween party, which basically entailed sitting around in onesies and eating. I got there early evening to find that she'd decorated her whole living room, although I was disappointed to find that she hadn't dressed her dogs up (she did try to get some glow in the dark skeleton outfits, but the shop didn't have the right size). We ate crisps, chocolate, battered prawns, pizza and Haribos, which was amazing. We planned to watch scary films to fit in with the Halloween theme, and eased ourselves in with a rendition of Thriller and then Scary Movie 2. By that point it was about half 11, and we decided to just put on some rubbish reality shows instead. Someone had the bright idea of switching over to the music channels, so we actually ended up prancing around Roxy's lounge doing moves from Thriller and generally looking a bit crazy. Ahh, I love my best friends!

Today I just had a bit of a lie-in and travelled back to Liverpool for another hard week of studying medicine. I got straight into my pyjamas, ate some food and am currently catching up on The X Factor.

Hannah x

Rock bottom became a solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life.

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