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30 problems all girls will remember from being 13 years old

Problems all girls will remember from being 13 years old

1)      Sneaking an issue of Sugar, Shout or Bliss into the shopping trolley and feeling really naughty and grown-up.
2)      Wanting the new Bratz doll but being unsure whether you were too old.
3)      The despair of your first period – and knowing the evil thing would haunt you for THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. (Well until you became pregnant/went through the menopause, and both of those sounded equally horrendous).
4)      Constantly needing a new notebook as you’d filled it up with love calculators and MASH.
5)      Being really excited when your crush looked at you. Omg he knows I exist!
6)      Deciding whether you should watch Lizzie McGuire on Disney Channel, Sabrina The Teenage Witch on Nickelodeon, or your guilty pleasure cartoons on Cartoon Network.
7)      The horror of not being able to read the new Jacqueline Wilson book straight away.
8)      Trying to wear pink eyeshadow without making you look like you had conjunctivitis.
9)      Deciding which smelly gel pen to spend your pocket money on next.
10)   Or should you splash out on a candy necklace so you can proceed to flick them at people on the way home from school instead?
11)   The embarrassment of your first bra fitting. And coming away with an ugly Sloggy bra.
12)   Deciding whether to buy the tiny denim skirt or cute rara skirt from Tammy.
13)   Buying both but panicking about wearing them on non-uniform day – would the rara skirt go with my pink knee-high boots?
14)   Really wanting a pink Motorola Razr (the cool flip-phone that everyone had).
15)   Deciding what to put as your MSN screen name – your crush’s initials in hearts or some cool new song lyrics?
16)   ANY excuse to get out of the bleep test.
17)   Being really confused about why the PE changing rooms had showers. Did anyone actually ever use them?
18)   Not being able to get your two strands of fringe straight enough to go with your ponytail.
19)   Deciding which colour poncho to buy – pink or blue?
20)   Being REALLY annoyed that you had to get off the internet just so your Mum could make a phone call. Your MSN conversation with your best friend, exchanging your new emoticons, was much more important.
21)   Making decisions with a rubber that said “yes” on one side and “no” on the other.
22)   Deciding how short you could get away with your tie being.
23)   Thinking about which Sims family you could mess with next – hmm, I’m thinking Mortimer Goff tonight...
24)   Not getting that inflatable chair you specifically asked for for Christmas.
25)   Choosing your other half for Bebo, and moving friends down your friends list when you fell out with them.
26)   Causing the whole PE class to choke on Impulse spray after an hour of standing around doing nothing. Because you needed to smell nice.
27)   Having to buy new clothes from Jane Norman so you could use the bag for PE/sleepovers/general school items.
28)   Getting a virus on the computer from downloading songs on LimeWire. Oops.
29) Being scared to go into the school toilets because the older girls were always smoking in there.

30) Still believing in Santa "for your younger sibling's sake"... And always insisting on leaving a carrot out for Rudolph (I still do this now if I'm honest...)

I love reading funny lists like these, so thought I would make my own up! Your early teenage years were such a nightmare, weren't they?

Last night instead of going out we made like old ladies and snuggled up under a duvet whilst watching Miracle on 34th Street (no it's not too early for Christmas films), with hot blackcurrant squash and an abundance of biscuits and marshmallows. Oh, and the heating turned up to about 30 degrees.

Today I woke up at 4pm, after not feeling very well, and decided to have a pyjama day. This evening we ventured out to Asda to buy an incredible amount of food (see it on my photo here), and I am going to make my way through this whilst watching The X Factor and Orange Is The New Black. Perfect Saturday night in!

Hannah x

For every dark night, there is a brighter day.

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