Thursday, 6 November 2014

Monty the Penguin

New Look Floral Dress Liverpool Docks

New Look Floral Dress Liverpool Docks

Liverpool Docks

New Look Floral Dress Liverpool Docks

Dress - New Look
Denim Jacket - Vintage
Scarf - Accessorize (Similar)
Boots - Liverpool St John's Market (Similar)

This outfit was taken over the weekend when my sister and I visited the docks for the afternoon. It's such a lovely area, and has some really nice cafes and restaurants surrounding it - I would really recommend a visit if you're ever in Liverpool. I love the lace detail on the bottom of the dress, it makes it slightly more individual. I'm also so glad that I get to wear woolly scarves and hats now!! I absolutely adore this time of year on the lead-up to Christmas, where you can snuggle up in comfortable oversized clothing yet still look stylish. There's also always an excuse for a hot chocolate...

I was so proud of myself for getting out of bed this morning; I really wasn't feeling great so it took a lot of effort. I had a physical ache in the bottom of my stomach that I woke up with, and I always know I'm not going to have a great day when I feel like that. I took each step slowly and tried not to think too far ahead into the day, and eventually managed to drag myself out of the door and to hospital. Whilst I was there I found that I was too busy to worry about how I was feeling, and by the end of the day I didn't notice the ache anymore. Sometimes keeping busy is the best thing for your mental health. This evening I did some work, napped for 3 hours, and caught up on The Apprentice. Standard night for me really!

Also how amazing is the John Lewis Christmas advert?! It made about four medical students cry in hospital today - it's so cute and got me really excited for Christmas. Santa, please get me a penguin called Monty!

Hannah x

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