Saturday, 13 December 2014


Today has been a bit of one of those nothing days, where not much happened and there is nothing particularly interesting to write about. I went to see my friend Hannah this evening and we swapped Christmas presents - I got all of these gifts above, which are lovely! I'm especially excited to try out the blusher and Lush bath bomb. We had a good long chat and I've only just got home (which is why this post will say Saturday as the day of writing it). She's so lovely and supportive of me. Love you lots Han!

I've also been in a very reflective mood today. I've been a bit upset about my Nan's death again, and have been reflecting on my relationships and the important things in life. I have recently lost the person that I have been closest to in my whole life - one of those relationships where you know everything about each other and know what each other are thinking. It's been really hard to move on without that support there and that person that you can turn to no matter what, especially this week with what's happened with my Nan, but at the same time I've been enjoying other friendships immensely, and am doing more things for myself. My friends have been so supportive of me recently and I would just like to thank them on here as they are amazing. I love you all and wouldn't be doing what I'm doing without you right now.

I think your twenties are a confusing time when you're discovering yourself whilst growing up very quickly, which is quite a hard transition to make. You don't know all of life's answers by now as really, you've hardly lived, and it is the relationships you have that help to shape who you really are. I guess what I'm trying to say is that it's okay to make a few mistakes here and there - it's part of the learning process. This age is hard but at the same time you will learn a lot in the next few years - as long as you can say that you are proud to be you and are happy, that's really the main thing that matters.

A smile is the best make up any girl can wear.

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