Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Easy homemade Christmas decorations

I love decorating my house around Christmas time, and it's really easy to do it fairly cheaply if you make them yourself. You don't need to buy really fancy decorations - 50 baubles for £5 and some coloured card from Asda will do!

Easy homemade Christmas decorations
Easy homemade Christmas decorations
Easy homemade Christmas decorations baubles
Easy homemade Christmas decorations baubles

Baubles are really easy to decorate your house with - there are loads of different things you can do with them. I hang them anywhere and everywhere I can; I turn our lights into bauble chandeliers, group them into a glass vase, and turn them into a garland on a bit of ribbon. You could also do the same with the garland but hang them on the ceiling or vertically so that they hang downwards. You can get boxes of baubles really cheaply from supermarkets or places like Ikea, which you can use in loads of different ways.


Paper chains are so easy to make and very cheap. All you need to do is buy some coloured card, cut up strips and sellotape or glue them in rings, attaching them together. I like them to be multicoloured, but you could stick to one colour or make them gold and silver to be extra Christmassy. Hang them anywhere to make a room that little bit cuter and festive.


Paper snowflakes are traditionally left to school kids but they can look really classy if they are hung from the ceiling together (maybe with some paper chains!) or stuck on a wall. Buy some white paper, fold it up, and cut random snips into it - so easy.

Easy homemade Christmas decorations pom-poms

I think pom-poms are so cute and can make your house look lovely, any time of the year. You can make them yourself (tutorial here), or buy some from places like Accessorize for about £15.

I hope this little Christmas decoration guide inspires you a bit to decorate your house - I love coming home to it, it really helps to cheer you up after a bad day.

Today I have come back from university to home, which is lovely. It's an amazing feeling seeing my family and dogs again and I can't wait for Christmas now!

Everything happens for a reason.

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