Monday, 29 December 2014

What I got for Christmas

I thought I'd show you a few things I got for Christmas this year - most of the things I'm showing you here are beauty stuff, but I also got a few bits of clothes and homewear.

Christmas presents MAC Sleek

This is my second MAC lipstick that I have - I love how easily they go on, and they stay put for ages. Kinda Sexy is a coral nude colour in a matte shade that really suits my colouring and has a lovely texture. The Sleek Matte Me Lip Cream is a vivid orangey-red that is also matte. I don't usually like reds on me but I love how bright this one is, and have worn it a few times since Christmas (see it on my Instagram here). It stays on for absolutely ages (and I mean ages - I brushed my teeth whilst wearing it and it was still intact afterwards). You can eat or drink with these lip creams on and they don't budge; I want the nude and bright pink ones next!

Benefit Cheeky Sweet Spot
Benefit Cheeky Sweet Spot
 Benefit Cheeky Sweet Spot Set

I adore Benefit make-up, and when I saw this in the shops I loved it, but then soon forgot about it until nearer to Christmas, when it had sold out everywhere. It was such a surprise to open a present from my sister and reveal this - I think it's probably my favourite present! It has 6 different coloured blushers and one highlighter, along with a brush to apply them all. They are beautiful colours and look lovely when on - I can't wait to use them more in the future!

Christmas presents Urban Outfitters nail polish
Christmas Presents Urban Outfitters nail polish
 Urban Outfitters Nail Polish in Dark Night
Urban Outfitters Nail Polish in Snowstorm

These nail polishes are both beautiful shades. Dark Night is a dark forest green with a slight shimmer, and dries in a matte shade. Snowstorm is a white glitter nail polish with little snowflake shapes in - beautiful for this time of year. Both apply really easily and so far haven't chipped (after two days of wear).

Body Shop Christmas Presents
The Body Shop Shower Gel in Vanilla Brulee 

Ahh The Body Shop, how I love you. I have so many of their body butters but I think this one is one of my favourites. It was brought out specially for Christmas, so is not online any more, but you may still be able to get it in the shops. The Body Shop also has a good sale on at the moment (this gorgeous shower gel is only £2) - definitely worth taking a look at!

Soap & Glory Perfect Ten
Soap & Glory Perfect Ten Eyeshadows
 Sleek i-Divine Eyeshadow Palette in Garden of Eden

I think these eyeshadow palettes are absolutely gorgeous. I love the green and purple shades of the Sleek one; it will definitely get a lot of wear. The Soap & Glory one was brought out for Christmas, so I'm not sure you can still purchase it, but it reminds me of the Urban Decay Naked palettes, both the shades and the presentation of the eyeshadows. Perfect for daily eye wear.

Urban Outfitters Bamboo Tea Candle

I think this candle is the most beautiful thing I have ever smelt. It has a blend of musk, oak, jasmine and rose and 50 hours of burning time, plus the jar is really cute and vintage-looking. I also want to buy the fig and patchouli ones now I know how good this one is!

Today has been spent taxiing my family around and experimenting with my camera. I had to take Buster to the vets as he's got a poorly tummy (yes, that is a technical medical term) and ferry my sisters around to various places. I've recently learnt how to create an image with bokeh (sounds fancy, but it's really just blurring the lights in the background when they are out of focus, as with the images above) which is actually really easy to do. I have also reached my lifelong goal of looking like a chocolate, due to gorging on my Christmas presents. Yay.
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