Thursday, 11 December 2014

You know you're a dog owner when...

You know you're a dog owner when chocolate labrador

1) You have that voice that you use to speak to them, which you'd never be seen dead using in public.
2) Your computer/phone background is a photo of them.
3) You get obsessed over the Christmas dog outfits this time of year, and spend hours searching for the perfect pair of antlers online.
4) You always said you'd never let a pet on the furniture... and later decided it was too mean to stop them.
5) You love going home after a bad day. Your dog is always happy to see you, ready to have a snuggle, and doesn't judge you when you rant about your latest escapades.
6) You find random dog biscuits and poo bags in your pockets.
7) They have their own stocking at Christmas.
8) They get special food on their birthdays... steak is perfectly acceptable for a dog.
9) You let them lick your hand/face/feet even though it's disgusting - after all they're just showing how much they love you.
10) You have a wardrobe for them, complete with a Christmas jumper and Halloween outfit (even after ridiculing other dog owners for dressing their dogs up).
11) You find smelly discarded chewed-up toys discarded all over the house.
12) A game of chase is acceptable at any time of the day.
13) You can't stay annoyed at them for longer than 45 seconds.
14) You can't help but whip out your phone when other people are showing photos of their own dogs, just to prove that yours is the cutest.
15) Picking up poo actually doesn't bother you.
16) All of the family have to sit on the floor when the dogs want to go on the sofas... it would be mean to refuse them, wouldn't it?
17) You have had a long conversation discussing the merits of wet and dry dog food.
18) You save your scraps of food after a meal to give to them afterwards.
19) 96% of your phone camera photos are of your dog. Another 2% are selfies of you with your dog.
20) You frequently put your dog's name in songs. "When the Busters gonna smell, smell, smell smell, smell, smell... Shake it Bust, shake it Bust".
21) Half of your birthday cards will feature your particular breed of dog.
22) You don't even mind when you're in an awkward position on the sofa/bed/floor; if your dog's comfy, that's all that matters.
23) You often find yourself in hysterics just from watching your dog. Yes, they are hilarious when they are sleeping.
24) At one point in your dog's life, you will have been completely mortified when they sat there licking themselves or mounted their bedding in front of guests.
25) You get in the habit of closing your toilet lid, to stop your dog from drinking toilet water.
26) When you're away from home, you miss them as much (sometimes more) than your human family.
27) You can never sleep past 8am, due to having a reliable alarm in the form of howls and woofs.
28) You have had to replace countless numbers of shoes, including some of the guests' that have visited your house.

A dog doesn't care if you're rich or poor, educated or illiterate, clever or dull. Give him your heart and he will give you his.
                          - Marley and Me


  1. I just don't get why mum won't let us...

    1. I know, between the slobbering and the smells it's a mystery... xx