Sunday, 29 March 2015


The Ragged Priest Over It Crop Top

Over It Crop Top - The Ragged Priest
Dress - Primark (Similar)
Trainers - Primark (Similar)
Socks - Primark (Similar)

Today was very windy and therefore difficult to get any decent blog photos. Plus my mum not wanting to stand out in the rain. Oh, blogger problems.

I did not wear this outfit out as it's still way too cold. I'm not the sort of person that gets my legs out at the first sign of sun, but as you can see I'm yearning for some warmer weather in the UK. I think this outfit would look really cute with an oversized denim jacket thrown over the top, like my one from this post (ahh looking at those photos makes me want my tan back! Poor pasty legs). Denim jackets are great as a cover up when it's a little nippy outside.

Today has been a fairly productive Sunday for once - I have started to write my research project for uni which is looming over me at the moment. Then I just lay on my sofa and watched Pretty Little Liars (season 4, I'm getting there!) whilst eating Easter chocolate. Oh how I love this time of year!

I'm off to eat some cheese on toast that Mum's just cooked for me. Another reason I love being at home.
A Sunday well spent brings a week of content.

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  1. love the outfit honey! gorgeous ;)
    Check it out my new post:
    big kisses

  2. I love your rainbow vibes! The crop top is so gorgeous on you and it's such a unique piece. You look so very pretty Hannah! <3

    Your sunday sounds wonderful, Easter eating ftw ;)

    Sophie | soinspo xo

  3. Getting your mum to take blog photos - the struggle is real! Love this top, it's so cute, glad to hear you're happy being back (ALL THE FREE FOOD) xx Rebecca - UK fashion blog

  4. Getting your mum to stand there and take outfit photos in the wind is the bane of my life - I completely empathise! Love this top too, and you must love being back home (did someone say free food?!) xx Rebecca - UK fashion blog

  5. THANKS BLOGGER - it crashed and now I look like some weird stalker. Sorry for the triple comment!

    1. Hahaha no problem! I know my mum gets so frustrated sometimes haha thank you :) xx