Sunday, 17 May 2015

Garden party

Last night we had a few friends over to have a garden party, which we had been planning for ages and were really looking forward to.

We decorated the garden and were surprised at how well it scrubbed up - the solar lanterns were from Home Bargains and the fairy lights were left over from Christmas. We then dug our barbecue out and made up some cocktails - including Pimms, because what's a summer garden party without Pimms?

We barbecued sausages and burgers, and veggie versions for those that wanted that option, and they actually tasted really good. As you can see, Kelly was very happy with being in charge of the cooking.

There were 11 of us in total, most of us medics, and it was really lovely to have a catch up and a fun night with the girls. We picked the perfect day as the weather was gorgeous yesterday - warm enough to stay outside fairly late.

After we had eaten the fun really started. Kelly had come up with some party games that she used to play when she was little, and they produced some hilarious photos.

In this game we all had to take turns to roll a dice, and whoever rolled a 6 had to dress up in a scarf, gloves and sunglasses and eat a Mars bar with a knife and fork. This carried on until all of the Mars bar was eaten.

The second game most people had heard of - we had to pass an orange between us using only our chins (I found out that I don't have a good orange chin). Then we played a game where we had to pass a Polo mint between us using only cocktail sticks in our mouths, which also produced some interesting photos, as above!

Afterwards we turned my specially curated playlist on my iPod up and all had a bit of a boogie...

...which ended up with Kelly falling flat on her bum onto our flowers, which now have a lovely dent in them. Oh, and she also managed to snap the washing line whilst falling over.

Afterwards we went out to a couple of clubs in town and had a good dance together. All in all I had an amazing night and really enjoyed myself - I definitely wouldn't hesitate to hold another garden party in the future! Thank you girls for coming over and helping us have such a fun night, love you all lots! :)

Today has just been spent sleeping and relaxing - I haven't felt like doing much so myself and my housemate snuggled up on the sofa and watched Britain's Got Talent this evening, whilst entertaining ourselves over last night's photos and activities.
When someone is going through a storm, your silent presence is more powerful than a million empty words.
                      - Thelma Davis

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  1. What a joyful party it was!! For me it has always been a joy to attend the garden parties. I love greenery and now going to book one of my favorite garden DC venues for my engagement party. It’ll be a great fun getting engaged in the lap of nature.