Thursday, 4 June 2015

22 funny things that have happened to me on holiday

All I can think about at the moment is going on holiday - I go to Majorca in 5 weeks tomorrow! So I thought I would do a random post on funny things that have happened to me on holiday; they make me laugh when I think about them and I hope they will make you giggle too. Holiday memories are so powerful - I still smile when I think of those that happened a long time ago.

1) When we bought my youngest sister Mollie a green woggle and she rode it round the pool all day pretending it was a horse. She called it Fruit Bar as at the time she was obsessed with Nutrigrain bars.

2) When my sister Katie had her appendix taken out on holiday, she was given a wheelchair at the airport, and a little man to push her. We had to race after them through Rome airport (which is about a mile long... or at least it seemed that way). And then when we got to England her wheelchair magically disappeared... An elderly lady decided to jump into it instead.
3) The fact that Katie always had to wear goggles on holiday, and always got panda eyes. God forbid the times we forgot to pack her goggles for her.

4) Again when Katie was in hospital with appendicitis, the little old lady next to her was slightly mad. She sounded like Darth Vader half the time, and the rest of the time she was trying to rip out her tubes and escape from the hospital. She must have been about 85, bless her.

5) Mum's hair.

6) The time Mum's hairdryer set on fire. In a caravan.

7) When Mollie decided to show us all how to do the sprinkler.

8) A guy called Tony that picked my friends and I up from the airport. He was drunk and couldn't work out how to use his car properly. He also knocked on our door really early in the morning one day, and denied it when we phoned him to ask what he wanted.

9) This photo of Dad:

10) The time Dad got called 'Olive' instead of 'Clive' because he can't write his name down properly.

11) Anything to do with Mr Blue, our embarrassing inflatable caterpillar/dog thing that just doesn't seem to want to burst, even though we've had him for 9 years. He tips over as soon as you try to sit on him but Dad loves him all the same.

12) The time the Italian goats invaded our garden, ate our shrubbery and left. You can read more about that here.

13) When Dad decided that using kitchen utensils as head protection was a good idea.

14) In Italy some Germans that actually turned out to be Irish tried to steal our deckchairs...

15) And the lady was terrifying so we'd all get out of the pool as soon as she got in. Dad accidentally left the pool lights on once - he won't be making that mistake again after her telling off.

16) Do you remember those balloon-type things you could buy that were filled with flour, that you could manipulate into different shapes? Well I was once playing with one of those on a caravan holiday, and just as Katie stepped out of the shower it burst, a gust of air from a fan caught it and she got covered in flour. She's never quite lived that one down (just call her Casper, you'll see).

17) The time we accidentally bought a rubber ring that was too small, and I got my bum stuck in it.

18) We were on a bike ride in France and went past a wooden gate, and suddenly we had about 15 black Labrador puppies following us. They had escaped from the field and literally wouldn't let us go - in the end we had to race off as fast as we could and hope that they would return to their home!

19) The time we went to a little town for a concert one evening, and a group of Germans decided to dance. They were worse than Dad, and that's saying something.

20) We stayed in a villa in France with the view above. Across the lake at night time there was a town called Tombeboeuf that was always lit up. One night there were fireworks and then suddenly the whole town went dark - we were sure that we would see stray Tombeboeufians with missing eyebrows due to the town being blown up the next day.

21) We were on a pedalo with a slide on a lake, and were all having a fun time sliding down it into the deep water. Mum decided to have a go, holding her nose as she went down the slide as she was expecting to go under water. Turns out we had gone so shallow that the water only reached her knees - she just stood there for a minute looking mystified whilst we laughed our heads off at her.

22) And last but not least, the time Katie decided to become a nun.

Remember how far you've come, not just how far you have to go. You are not where you want to be, but neither are you where you used to be.

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