Monday, 1 June 2015

29 signs you're a Liverpool student

1) Too many Monday nights have been spent at the Raz.
2) You thrive on the community that is Smithdown Road.
3) If you're at UoL you hate LJMU students, and if you're at LJMU you hate UoL students...
4) ...Yet both unite over their pity for Liverpool Hope.
5) And Edge Hill... who on Earth are they?!
6) You've lost count of the amount of times you've been asked if you've i) Been in the Cavern Club, or ii) Been mugged.
7) If you study in the Harold Cohen you know everyone in the Sydney Jones is basically a hipster... whereas if you live in the SJ you know everyone in the HC is a geek.

8) Seeing women in rollers and their onesies in Asda is a regular occurrence that you don't even bat an eyelid at anymore.
9) You have booked a taxi from the Bombed Out Church after a night out.
10) Delta of course, Alpha will never beat them however hard they try.
11) And have waited for said taxi for 2 hours on a Saturday night.
12) So you decided to retire to Chesters or Nabzys for a bite to eat.
13) You have had problems understanding half of the locals you've spoken to.
14) An umbrella never lasts for longer than 30 seconds in the gale-force winds of the North West.
15) You have realised how important football is in Liverpool. And never dare to go out wearing a Manchester United shirt.


16) When you think of the University of Liverpool, you think of the building above...
17) Despite the fact you've never been in it.
18) You can't go into town without being threatened by a Scouse preacher or dodging the lady playing the same song over and over again on the accordion.
19) You've come to realise that Primark should never be attempted on Saturday, for fear of being run down by women on a mission.
20) You come to realise that Penny Lane is not a big deal.
21) And get annoyed when all the tourists ask you to take photos of them next to it.

22) You've had a burger and curly fries from The Font.
23) You've lived to tell the tale of the horrors of the 699 on an exam day.
24) You can't walk around town without coming across a Lambanana.
25) You know you're having a classy night out when you're down by the docks.
26) The cycle up Lawrence Road kills you every time.
27) You have bought suspiciously cheap shoes from St John's Market...
28) And if they were heels, have struggled along the cobblestones at Concert Square.
29) But you are very protective over Liverpool and will always be proud that you went to university there.

**This post is just a bit of fun and very stereotypical - it isn't meant to offend anyone! :)**
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                              - Eleanor Roosevelt


  1. Haha, there's a lot of 'rivalry' between UoB and UWE here in Bristol. Unfortunately Liverpool rejected me so the last time I was anywhere near the university was their open day four years ago!
    Jennifer x
    Ginevrella | Lifestyle Blog

    1. It's funny how much rivalry there is between universities. Bristol rejected me haha! xx

  2. This is brilliant! Totally agree with all of them
    The Medic Journal

  3. I graduated from Liverpool Hope last year and the amount of times we were called 'Hopless' on nights out was silly! I spent many a time in Smithdown Road Asda buying more alcohol after going out haha! xx

    1. Haha I think it's just banter really - nobody actually believes it. And Smithdown Road Asda is amazing! xx