Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Body Jewellery Shop: Even more earrings

A few months ago I was lucky enough to receive a couple of pairs of earrings from the Body Jewellery Shop (post here), and a couple of days ago I was overjoyed to come home to another little parcel from them.

As I mentioned last time, Body Jewellery Shop sell lots of different body piercing jewellery, from ear piercings to belly bars. The ear piercing jewellery is a huge selection - there are piercings for the tragus, conch, helix, pinna etc - but I only have my lobes pierced so I chose some simple studs to try out.

I loved these stud pentagram earrings when I spotted them on the website. I am a huge fan of the TV programme Supernatural and these reminded me of that. I think they're a little different to the regular studs you can buy, and for only £1.99 they're a bargain too. They'd look great with a leather jacket and some boots.

Also apologies for the lack of make-up on these photos, I took these soon after waking up today and didn't see the point in putting anything on specially for them as I wasn't going out anywhere. Hopefully I haven't scared too many of you!

The other earrings I picked off the site were these clear square jewel earrings. These too are also only £1.99 and are perfect for everyday wear. I will definitely be wearing these when I'm on placement and just need something simple to put in my ears, as we are not allowed a lot of jewellery. I was also sent the clear round jewel earrings*, which are the same but are slightly smaller and round instead of square - these will also be gorgeous for everyday use and are also £1.99.

As well as the low-priced body piercings, Body Jewellery Shop also offers free delivery, so you're not being charged any extra than the product you're paying for. It's a great online destination for anyone looking for literally any type of body jewellery (seriously, I didn't even know some of them existed!), or some cheap studs for everyday use.

Today has been another one spent revising all day. Life is just a little boring right now. The only thing that's getting me through is finishing in a couple of weeks and going on holiday!
Our days are happier when we give people a bit of our heart, rather than a piece of our mind.


  1. Those are so pretty! I still love earrings even though I don't wear them anymore. I love the little black stars outline ones! Those would go with my style. :)

    1. Yes I think they're really lovely :) xx

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